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  • Activities

    SIMT students currently running many different clubs and societies through Sainik Group If Institutions, providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities for you to get involved with during your time.

    The Office of Students Activities is committed to achieving a pluralistic community and to assisting the student body in developing rational, critical and creative capabilities. More specifically, the Office of Student Activities seeks to engage students in active learning, to assist them in establishing a meaningful value system and ethical standards, and to set high expectations for each student.

    By offering effective programs and participation in all College venue and by encouraging and supporting activities that include athletics, recreation, student clubs and organizations, performing arts, and students government, the Office of Student Activities provides opportunities for students to achieve a better understanding and appreciation not only for their culture, but also for the cultures of others. This fosters educational collaborations throughout the College and builds supportive and inclusive communities.

    At SIMT, you are more than a student attending classes, writing papers, and preparing for examinations. Your primary reason for being here may be academic, but it does not fully working in student government, or performing in integral part of your SIMT education, and many are funded, in part, by the Student Activity fee.

    The Office of College Activities is the dynamic centre of co-curricular life on campus. We are a student- centered department and are committed to creating a seamless experience at SIMT – we believe that both in and outside the classroom, learning and personal growth should continue seamlessly during your entire time here.

    Through our programs and personal interactions we collaborate with students, faculty and staff to provide diverse and balanced intellectual, cultural and Sainik programs that encourage student learning and development, awareness and responsible living, and enhance the mission of the college.

    Some Unique Student Activities:

    • StudentCenter
    • Around Town Camping
    • Off-Campus Trips
    • Reynard Yearbook

    IT Club

    Various activities like quiz competitions, paper presentations, extempore, seminars, conferences, software development, programming competitions would be organized for the benefit of students to make them an all-rounder.

    Business Club

    Various extra and co-curricular activities related with business management like developing marketing skills, finance management and many more would be organized to make dynamic so that they can meet the upcoming challenges of the business world.

    Bhangra Society

    Established August 2008, Bhangra Societies aim is to provide lots of fun and entertainment throughout the year. The main aim of the Bhangra Society is to promote awareness of a folk dance form, which originates from the Punjab and explore its Punjabi cultural roots.

    Book Club

    Book club is based around reading and meeting to discuss one book a month, but has developed into a more well-rounded society with a meeting every week. It involves Sainiks such as going for a drink, to dinner, movie screenings, the theatre, to clubs and further book discussions.